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Sustainable Surfboards

Maya Board nose

The Maya Single Fin Malibu

Yana Surf balsa wood surfboards offer an environmentally sound, sustainable alternative to conventional foam surf craft. Our wood surfboards are created with a minimum impact on the environment as well as the craftsmen who shape them. Strong and aesthetically beautiful, our custom wood surfboards are hand-shaped by master craftsmen and designed by artists.

Why Balsa Wood?

Balsa Timbers

Balsa Timbers, Ecuador

One of the greatest advantages of using balsa wood as the main raw material for surfboards is the sustainability of the wood. Our balsa wood grows very rapidly on carefully maintained Ecuadorian plantations, thereby eliminating the problem of depletion of trees and allowing the resources of the nearby rainforests to be preserved. The wood itself is very soft and light with a coarse open grain, and is known for its perfect balance of strength and lightness. Balsa surfboards are also just beautiful works of art!

Yana Surf Ambassadors


Maya Gabeira

Yana Surf partners with people and organizations that are passionate about the ocean and environment and believe in making the earth a better, healthier place for us all to live. Learn more about the riders, craftsmen, artists and charities that work with Yana Surf.

Good Life Blog


El Gigante, Nicaragua

We’re passionate about surfing and all that surrounds it. The Good Life blog is our canvas to bring to life the world’s of surf, art, culture, travel, sustainability and inspiration beyond the day-to-day grind. Find commentary about waves, people and cultures of the world, the adventures that are part of getting to them and inspiration to get out there and experience it all.

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